Swords of the Borderlands

The Princess

Isabella.jpeg Some might say I am crazy, and some say I am spoiled. I say I am the princess. Living the life of the Royal isn’t as easy as many imagine Yes, I always have someone standing nearby to my very back and call.

But there is a negative side to this life. You never have any privacy. You wake up in the morning someone is in your room, you go to eat breakfast someone’s at your side, getting dressed is never alone, even going to the bathroom someone is following close by. My dream in life, is to have a moment of privacy. No one looking at me when I get dressed, and especially no one listening to me when I go to the bathroom.

Yes, my life as a princess is never rough. I have everything I could ever desire. I have never had to work hard in my life. I know it sounds crazy, but I really would like to know what everyone goes through in life besides being a royal. What it is like to have to wash my own clothes, earn a coin or two to eat, or even have a place to sleep where it is dry and warm These are things I would like to try to early for a change.

Yes, being a royal is a hard life when it comes to being diplomatic and understanding that the workings of the world in general. I have had extensive training in arts of diplomacy but as for everything else I will have to learn it.

How can I rule the people when I’ve never experienced anything in my life about what they’re going through? How can I tell someone to lay down their life to protect what is theirs and mine if I’ve never had to earn any of it?

These are questions I will have to learn to answer and I believe going out into the world and earning them is the only way to go. I know my parents will be unhappy, but I believe sneaking out and going and experiencing life, as it is for everyone else, will be quite the adventure.

So goodbye to the pampered life and hello to adventure!


Maded Maded

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